Purkeys AWARE System

Purkeys AWARE System

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Product Description:

Part #: CNVR-2000-BT

The Aware™ Audio Interrupter is an audio interface management system that integrates with the speaker system of a truck and routes messages from the telematics alert system through the speakers.
The integrated Aware system allows drivers to hear messages over the telematics system safely and easily, without having to turn the radio down or take their hands off the wheel. This makes hearing messages simple and intuitive, allowing them to focus on driving while staying alert for changes to driving conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Assists in driver retention and safety
  • Relays messages wirelessly through the vehicle audio system rather than the small speakers of a telematic system tablet
  • Relays messages through the truck speakers, even when the radio is off
  • Ensures the message is clear, even at freeway speeds
  • Uses plug-and-play technology for quick installation
  • Remains hidden after installation
  • Allows for an optional cell phone microphone connection for hands-free use (mic sold separately)