Purkeys Solar Bolt Liftgate Charging System

Purkeys Solar Bolt Liftgate Charging System

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Product Description

Purkeys’ Solar Bolt™ Liftgate Charging System is a solar-powered battery charger that works with a vehicle’s electrical system. This device uses solar energy to help keep liftgate and auxiliary batteries charged. It’s a supplemental charging system that keeps batteries charged when a power source isn’t connected.

Option Descriptions

SLRBOLT-01: Solar Bolt, 1 panel system, 90 watts.

SLRBOLT-02: Solar Bolt, 2 panel system, 180 watts.

SLRBOLT-03: Solar Bolt, 3 panel system, 270 watts.

SLRBOLT-04: Solar Bolt, 4 panel system, 360 watts.

More Information

Product Informational Brochure: Purkeys Solar Bolt Liftgate Charging System

The Solar Bolt technology provides power to the liftgate batteries whether the vehicle is on or off. This patent-pending technology was specifically designed to integrate into heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems.

Charging the battery while the vehicle is running reduces the electrical load on the alternator, which reduces the mechanical load on the engine, reducing fuel costs over time.

The Solar Bolt comes with indicator lights to show when the solar panel is charging and to indicate the state of charge of the liftgate batteries. It comes with a standard 90 W panel, but up to three more panels can be added to increase power to 360 W.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides power to batteries whether vehicle is on or off
  • Extends battery life
  • Reduces fuel costs over time
  • Helps liftgates run better and require less maintenance
  • Shows battery state of charge using easy-to-read indicator lights
  • Maximizes number of liftgate cycles
  • Minimizes liftgate battery-related road service, downtime, and delivery delays
  • Provides three-stage charging that works in conjunction with the electrical system of a vehicle or trailer
  • Available in up to four 90 W panels