Arctic Fox Hydraulic Fluid Heater

Arctic Fox Hydraulic Fluid Heater

Arctic Fox
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Product Description

Part #: H-4000-16

Heats hydraulic fluid, water and other fluid to improve productivity. All stainless steel construction, large surface area exposed to fluid maximize heat rise.


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Product Specifications

Full Product Spec. Sheet: Arctic Fox Hydraulic Fluid Heater

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Large surface area exposed to fluid to maximize heat rise
  • Threads into standard 2" NPT female pipe thread or standard 2" Straight
  • Thread-O-Ring (STOR) coupling
  • 3/4" NPT coolant connections
  • 5-year-600,000 mile (965,000km) warranty
  • Ability to install multiple units for larger tanks or faster heat rise
  • Install horizontally at bottom of tank


  • Reduces cold weather viscosity
  • Increases productivity – reduces idle equipment and workers waiting for
    hydraulic to warm up
  • Reduces pump cavitation and resulting damage
  • Versatile design for use on various equipment
  • Ample coolant flow due to large (3/4" NPT) connectors