Purkeys Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter

Purkeys Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter

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Part #: TF-015

Identify parasitic loads with this clip-on ammeter. Purkeys’ Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter is an easy-to-use device for accurately measuring low current in electrical systems. It is an extremely accurate ammeter that measures parasitic loads without disconnecting the circuit.

Purkeys’ electrical clip-on ammeter measures current through the magnetic field generated by the current flowing through the conductor. Simply clip the circuit ammeter’s interlocking jaws around a wire to get an accurate measurement up to 40 amps.

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Product Information: Purkeys Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter

    Features & Benefits

    • Circuit ammeter measures up to 4000 mA or up to 40 A (based on the rotary switch setting)
    • Reads current without breaking circuit
    • Helps find parasitic loads