Purkeys Handheld Electrical Tester

Purkeys Handheld Electrical Tester

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Product Description:

Purkeys’ Handheld Electrical Analyzer is a portable, automated electric tester that guides technicians through testing commercial grade electrical systems. It has multiple leads for conducting preventative maintenance checks, battery tests, and cranking system tests. It also tests charging systems, liftgate charging systems, and voltage drop. The tester is optimized for both AGM and flooded cell batteries.

Option Descriptions

TF-014: Hand held alternator, battery, and starter analyzer

TF-014-KIT: Hand held alternator, battery, PC adapter, case, and starter analyzer

TF-014-KIT-P: Hand held alternator, battery, printer, case, and starter analyzer

More Information

Product Informational Brochure:  Purkeys Handheld Electrical Tester

    Features & Benefits

    • Tests truck and trailer electrical systems quickly
    • Automates diagnosing and testing processes
    • Guides technicians through entire testing process
    • Includes durable, reliable parts and rugged casing