Purkeys Multi Station Battery Charger

Purkeys Multi Station Battery Charger

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Product Description:

Part #: CHRG-5AX6

Purkeys’ 6-Station Battery Charger is an automatic, multistation, 5 amp battery charger that quickly and safely charges and maintains batteries. Purkeys’ automatic charging station is ideal for fleets that want to save on space, but not skimp on power. Designed to prevent overcharging, the automatic charger reduces charging time without compromising safety

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Product Informational Brochure: Purkeys Multi Station Battery Charger

    Features & Benefits

    • Charges multiple batteries at once
    • Includes built-in safety features
    • Works with AGM and flooded cell batteries
    • Automates charging process
    • Guides technicians with easy-to-read LED indicators
    • Features charging ports that work independently