Purkeys Trailer Auxiliary System

Purkeys Trailer Auxiliary System

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Purkeys developed the Trailer Auxiliary Power System (TAPS™) to provide 110 VAC power for devices to enable charging while the vehicle is running.

Product Descriptions

TAPS-200: Trailer Auxiliary Power System, Tractor Trailer 1500 Watts

TAPS-201: Trailer Auxiliary power System, Straight Truck, 1500 Watts

TAPS-202: Trailer Auxiliary Power System, Tractor Trailer, 2000 Watts

More Information

Product Informational Brochure:  Purkeys Trailer Auxiliary System

This device converts 12 VDC power to 110 VAC power by using a 1500-watt inverter. It keeps electric pallet jacks charged while on a run. This helps make electric pallet jacks more reliable and helps their batteries last longer.

TAPS is enclosed in a rugged, stainless-steel case and has safety features to protect the truck batteries.

Features & Benefits

  • Converts DC power to AC power
  • Keeps pallet jacks from losing power
  • Charges AC powered devices
  • Comes in rugged, stainless-steel enclosure
  • Has a liquid-tight conduit
  • Saves time, money, and manpower