Straight w/ High Side Charge EZ-Clip Splice Hose Fittings
Red Dot

Straight w/ High Side Charge EZ-Clip Splice Hose Fittings

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Red Dot A/C Parts: Splice EZ Clip

Please reference the E-Z Clip Quick Reference Guide for more information regarding EZ-Clip fittings.


Interchange Numbers

Part Number Hose Size Fitting Size Interchange Number
70R8276 6 6 232-8209, 2630901, 409189, 4379-RD5107061, 4379-RD5107061P, 4578EZ, 550-EZ5010-6, 615-2421, 70R8276, 85100333, 85110683, ABP N83 310716, ABP N83 310716C, ABP N83 310716C, RDH5107061P, RDHRD5107061P, RDT70R8276, RDT70R827
70R8278 8 8 232-8210, 2630902, 409190, 4379-RD5107071, 4379-RD5107071P, 4579EZ, 550-EZ5011-6, 615-2422, 70R8278, 85100334, 85110684, ABP N83 310718, ABP N83 310718C, ABP N83 310718C, RDHRD5107071P, RDT70R8278, RDT70R8278
70R8261 10 10 232-8206, 2630903, 409191, 4379-RD5107081, 4379-RD5107081P, 4582EZ, 615-2429, 70R8261, 85100335, 85110685, ABP N83 310731, ABP N83 310731C, ABP N83 310731C, RDHRD5107081P, RDT70R8261, RDT70R8261

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