Exhaust Muffler 24mm

Exhaust Muffler 24mm

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Product Description

24mm Exhaust Muffler. This muffler significantly quietens the exhaust system of your Espar heater, muffler also acts as a spark arrestor. Product Specifications: Muffler is 8.5” long and 3.75” wide with a hole towards the center for mounting. Muffler is flow directional, indicated with an arrow stamped in the muffler. Model Specific: Any Airtronic or Hydronic Espar up to 5kw in size. (Examples: D5 Airtronic, D5WSC Hydronic).


  • Airtronic D2
  • Airtronic D4
  • B1LC Compact
  • B3LC Compact
  • Airtronic D5